#CHANELinCannes  — House ambassador Penélope Cruz on the #Cannes2019  red carpet in a #CHANELHauteCouture  lace dress for the premiere of Pedro Almodóvar’s latest movie.#CHANELinCinema  #CHANEL  @penelopecruzoficial  #PenelopeCruz 

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#CHANELinCannes  — House ambassador Penélope Cruz getting ready in the CHANEL suite before her red carpet appearance at #Cannes2019  wearing a bespoke #CHANELHauteCouture  dress. #CHANELinCinema  #CHANEL  @penelopecruzoficial  #PenelopeCruz 

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#CHANELinCannes  — House ambassador Penélope Cruz wore a bespoke #CHANELHauteCouture  dress at the premiere of Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory’, part of the official selection at #Cannes2019. #CHANELinCinema  #CHANEL  @penelopecruzoficial  #PenelopeCruz 

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CRUISE 2019 COLLECTION Radiant makeup. A limited-edition eyeshadow palette featuring four shades with matte, iridescent and metallic finishes that illuminate and intensify eyes. An Exclusive Creation.@LuciaPicaOfficial #CruiseMakeup  #CruiseCollection 

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Play with the contrasts of the 2019 CRUISE COLLECTION, a luminous and enigmatic look.@LuciaPicaOfficial  @Vittoria #ChanelMakeup  #CruiseCollection 

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CRUISE 2019 COLLECTION A flash of light. A versatile, limited-edition gloss that lights up eyes with golden or silver shimmer. A sparkling result.@LuciaPicaOfficial #ChanelMakeup  #CruiseCollection 

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CRUISE 2019 COLLECTION A reflection of light. A limited-edition face powder duo with a matte bronzer and an iridescent highlighter to sculpt and contour the complexion. An exclusive creation available in two harmonies, light and medium.@LuciaPicaOfficial #ChanelMakeup  #CruiseCollection 

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A play of light. For the new Cruise 2019 Collection, @LuciaPicaOfficial  creates radiant makeup. @Vittoria #ChanelMakeup  #CruiseCollection  Discover more on @chanel.beauty 

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CRUISE 2019 COLLECTION The focus is on eyes with flashes of golden or silver gloss for a shimmering result. @LuciaPicaOfficial  @Vittoria #ChanelMakeup  #CruiseCollection 

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A CHANEL fragrance is an idea as if it were a garment. Imagined, assembled, tailored. I AM A CHANEL FRAGRANCE. #IAmAnIdea  #ChanelParfumeur  #ChanelFragrance 

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You choose a CHANEL fragrance because it matches and reveals who you are. #IAmAnIdea  #ChanelParfumeur  #ChanelFragrance 

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In October 1953, Marilyn Monroe poses nude on her bed during a photo shoot for Modern Screen magazine. In every image, a bottle of N°5 rests on her nightstand. These photos were never published. #IAmAnIdea  #ChanelParfumeur  #ChanelFragrance 

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