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sometimes we gotta make a joke about it cause if we didn’t laugh we’d drown from the tears. Good ladies and good men, it’s time to stand up. ♥️

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Not like you needed ANOTHER excuse to watch the @americanidol  GRAND FINALE on Sunday...but here’s one anyway 💃🏻 Hope your couch is ready for some poom poom shakin’

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BIG BIG THROWBACK OF THANKS TO MY MAGICAL MAN OF THREAD @ITSJEREMYSCOTT  So... I have been a fan of Jeremy for decades, way before I could ever afford a sliver of his fun fashun... back in the day I would trade heaps of my old precious clothes at wasteland on Melrose in hopes I would score just one gently used piece of his fun (s/o @bonniemckee ) In 2008 it was my time to shine and all I wanted was to get my hands on one of his pieces and so I ran up to him at some event (probably on liquid courage) and said “OMG I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN!!! I would LAHV to wear your ice cream dress at my first record, One Of The Boys record release!!! Please oh please!!!” And, he embraced me like the kind King he is and since then we have been two peas in a couture pod of love, laughter and light. Thank you Universe for letting us live in the same lifetime. I love you friend, @itsjeremyscott  ♥️

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This #ShoesdayTuesday  I’m still recovering from #ShoesdayWednesdayThursday  last week 🙃😴 #doingthemost  #ilovemyjob  @katyperrycollections 

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Happy birthday to this Holy Roller ♥️ This badass birdie is so incredibly talented and the best is still yet to come... Celebrate @cynthialovely  with a birthday stream at the link in bio 🎂

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It sure looks like I downed a whole bottle of hair gummies 💁🏼 and I might need a whole bottle of CBD gummies before we make it to the Top 3 #AmericanIdol   #AREYOUVOTING 

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Listen to my mom! #americanidol 

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OMW to put my best foot forward @qvc  👠Cuddle up in bed or grab a snack on the couch, and shout at me and @jwujek  through your TV as we sell you some fab shoes! Also if you think we're drunk we're not we're just deliriously excited 😛 💁🏼💁🏼‍♂️👠👡👢👞👟

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Man, that’s tique-ka masala 🤝#Repost  @justsul  ・・・ Katy Curry at the Met Gala 🕯😂 5K comments and I’ll drop another look 👀 #metgala  #katyperry  @katyperry 

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Made a meal outta it 🍔

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Category, camp ☝🏼

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First we set the table, and then we dine 💎✨🍔 @moschino  #MetGala2019 

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