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I figured that y’all should see it here first....dancing in the rain is never good. I blame @therealtank  for doing this dumb ass shit...fuck u and R&B....My hip is killing me. The entire crowd yelled out “OH NOOOOO” “Kevin Hart Just bust his ass” ....I didn’t no what to do so I faked an injury....jokes on y’all bitches because I ain’t hurt. Ha

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So much love and admiration for @djkhaled  ....your success is well deserved man. Continue to push and build. The album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 man. Message to the world....GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!!

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Suit game is getting stronger and stronger..... #LilSwag  #LittleGrownMan 

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I wanted to create a line of products that could help people embrace their Hustle....We all have a level of Hustle inside of us...Some of us just need a little help tapping into it...That’s where I come in. I’m not the only one who needs energy or help to stay focused in meetings or school etc....I also know that I’m not the only one that needs help recovering from my workouts. My product is for Men & women that live a busy life that are trying to make the most of their days by going after their goals & passions. My product is for ALL OF YOU. I don’t want to be great by myself....Come and get some of this HUSTLE people. Click the link in my Bio & Get your Hustle ooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!! Also go follow @getvitahustle  #HustleHart  #VitaHustle  #HealthIsWealth 

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Mark your calendars people!!!!! #SecretLifeOfPets2 

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When u mess with bull you get the horns @therock  ....I am a lean mean fighting fluffy Machine...."Secret Life Of Pets 2" will be hitting theaters June 7th!!!!!!! Get ready damn it!!!!!

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Had a blast last night at @johnlegend  & @paulsmith  & @paulsmithdesign  dinner....such a great vibe with great people!!!!!

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Nothing like a double breasted suit... Styled by @ashleynorthstyle 

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Truly love the shit out of this cast!!!!!! Buckle up world because this movie is bigger & better!!!!! #Jumanji 

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