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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen  | Balloons for sale in Monastiraki Square in Athens, Greece. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen  and @mmuheisenpublic  #Greece  #Athens 

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Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride  | Dawn Patrol — Nothing like chasing glassy waves at sunrise before the crowds arrive, which has become harder and harder on certain breaks with the convenience of better forecasting for waves and weather. To see more remote reaches, follow @pedromcbride.  #mexico  #surf  #sunrise  #nature 

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Photo by @jonathankingston  | Expedition leader Jimmy White explores a cave on the island of Makatea in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia. The name of the island is derived from the drinking water being brought out of caves like this one by local residents. “Ma,” indicates clear water and “Atea” indicates the light of day – with the “K” thrown in between the two words to make the resulting phrase “Ma-K-Atea” sound pleasing to the ear. For many years the island was the site of a large phosphate mining operation that produced hundreds if not thousands of hand dug pits. The mine was abandoned in 1964, but an unsuspecting visitor could easily fall into the pits while walking through the thick underbrush that has reclaimed the land. The cave is filled with more helictites – a twig like stalactite – than I have ever seen. The pool is illuminated with underwater dive lights.#frenchpolynesia  #makatea  #tuamotu  #cave 

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Photo by @coryrichards  | As an alpinist, I find most of my travels are in neighboring villages to the mountains. The moments of being immersed in culture is a major part of what keeps me coming back to these mountains and places. These moments - the vulnerable and the intimate ones - the moment where the subject is in their internal space so deeply that it is expressed externally - are what keep bringing me back to the lens as a @natgeo  photographer.#followme  @coryrichards  to see real-time footage of Himalayan #travel  and #culture  as I am attempting to ascend a new route on the North East face of #everest. 

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Photo by @ErikaSkogg  | Berber villages and crumbling kasbahs blend into the red rock formations along the Dadès Gorge of Morocco’s Great Oasis Valley. Known as the ‘Road of 1,000 Kasbahs’, Berber populations have settled among these fig and date oases for hundreds of years since royal dynasties and caravans traversed these Saharan trading routes. #Morocco  #DadesGorge 

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Photo by @BabakTafreshi  | On this starry night of May at an elevation of 2,000 meters (6,000 ft) on La Palma in the Canary Islands, I felt like I walked into a science fiction scene. These giant flowers, when in full bloom, look like nothing else on Earth. They are "Echium wildpretii," known as tajinaste in Spanish. About one to three meters tall, the plant was nearly extinct a few decades ago on this island due to intrusions by both rabbits and humans. Now, they're preserved and growing in number. The same plant on the neighboring island of Tenerife turns red instead of pink. Explore more of The World at Night photography with me @babaktafreshi.  #echium  #nightphotography  #canaryislands 

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Photo by @daisygilardini  | Harp seal pups are born on sea ice from late February to March. At birth, they are covered in a beautiful white coat that will last for only a couple of weeks. After that, dark waterproof hair will grow in and a third molt will occur in a little more than a year. Pups are skinny at birth, weighing only around 10-12 kilograms. Insulation from the elements is provided by their warm white coat rather than fat at this early stage of their lives. The mother will stay and nurse the pup for a period of 12 days, short by mammal standards. The fat-rich milk provided will allow them to gain two kg of blubber a day. Once weaned, at around 40 kg, the pups will stay on the ice for roughly another six weeks before entering the water and learning how to hunt by themselves. Follow me @DaisyGilardini  for more images and stories behind the scenes. #canada  #seal  #harpseal  #Quebec 

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Photo by @stephen_matera  | The deep green hue of fir trees is matched by the emerald-colored waters of the glacier-fed sub-alpine lake in the Central Cascade Mountains of Washington. The runoff from a glacier contains minerals, sometimes called rock flour, that are suspended in the lake water and give it that incredible green color. Follow me @stephen_matera  for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #glacier  #rockflour  #lake  #wilderness 

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Photo by @michaelclarkphoto  | Just another day on the north shore of Oahu. A surfer catching one of the last few waves of the day at Rocky Point. #northshore  #hawaii  #oahu  #surfing 

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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen  | Here we are looking at Al-Khazneh, Arabic for 'the Treasury' and one of the many facades carved into the mountains of the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen  and @mmuheisenpublic  #muhammedmuheisen  #الاردن  #Petra 

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Photo by @sofia_jaramillo5  | A young woman harvests coffee at a farm outside of Manizales, Colombia. For more photos from Colombia and other South American countries, follow me @sofia_jaramillo5.  #coffee  #colombia  #travel_capture  #traveldaily 

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Photo by @mborowick  | Sigöldugljufur canyon, located in Landmannalaugar, is part of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. This is way off the beaten path, but for sure is one of the most beautiful scenes of nature. #iceland  #drone  #waterfall  #nature  #travel 

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