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Here’s a clip from my walk at @theunicorntribe  Orlando show from last year, because I didn’t go on stage this year. The show this week was a big eye opener for me. I don’t think I really want a lot of the things I used to. I hate doing hair in chaotic settings, and I miss going to shows to learn instead of being in model prep the whole weekend(though I love my model @itslindamarie  and spending time with my unicorns). I hurt my knee on day one by slipping on a spilled drink, and tried to tough it out the next day, but the added walking that day did me in. On top of my mental anguish at realizing how my wants have changed, hurting my knee was the perfect excuse to not go on stage. I know I let at least a few people down, including myself, but I learned a very valuable lesson that goes with the industry adage “under promise, over deliver.” I tried to take on too much, and none of it was contributing to any goals of mine. BURNOUT. Watching some educators for the last year who are misinforming people or just bullshitting their way through made me really want to wait before doing platform/onstage educational stuff. I think I want to learn a lot more before imparting information to other people. Without my @theunicorntribe  family, I would not have discovered this about myself perhaps until it was too late and I was locked into a contract doing something that doesn’t make me happy. The fact that @alix_maya  offered me this opportunity and didn’t make me feel bad about failing shows me that @theunicorntribe  really is my family. I love these people and the fact that they all respect that everyone’s journey is different. I’m also super proud of all the new unicorns we announced this year, welcome newbiecorns💕💕

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Candy swirl 💕 All @pravana , bless @olaplex  for keeping her pretty pastel hair healthy enough for some occasional color changes 🌈💕

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@color_map  is one of my favorite tools to show to clients what colors they can and can’t have when doing vivids- as well as helping me balance out uneven canvases with direct dye and as a visual guide for pigment opacity. SWIPE FOR AFTER 💕 I posted the after a long time ago but realized I never posted the video!

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@colortrak  ambassador line (and XL and glitter brush) hard at work on a beautifully long head of hair, colored with @pravana  from my @behindthechair_com  box! Kept nice and long and healthy with @olaplex  💕#behindthechair  #colortraktools  #ambassadorcollection 

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🔥Sıfır filtreli, güneş ışığıyla parlayan, canlı saçlar için adresimiz @sh_kuafor  🔥 Haircolor by : @metinhasann  #hairoftheday  👌🏻

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