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Split from the pack, I attack! #SplitFrom  #SoleFury  @Reebok 

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Looking forward to getting back out to Mjolnir again soon. It has been too long. Check out the new mega facility and get some quality work in with my Viking brothers ⚔️

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Made man not made for defeat.

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Back on the site today, it has been a while. This is my first property development. We have 8 homes here closing in on finish. 3 bedroom houses, designated for families that currently reside in hotels around the capital, without a home to call their own. But not for long. Through the storm comes the sun! Walking around this land and these homes today, meeting all the neighbors, knowing that soon there will be families living here, creating their own memories, and building back their lives, gives me great pride! Ireland forever! Ireland first! Ireland always!

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The School of Excellence 🏫

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Ian brother, truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you 🙏 I am with you all the way! Repost: @ianoconnell321  “When I was on the Late late show Ryan Tubridy asked me who I looked up to. I told him I look up to @thenotoriousmma.  Less then 24hrs later I end up watching the Main Card Fights ringside at the 3 arena with Conor. It’s fair to say that I nearly stood up with the fight. Cherish moment’s like these because they don’t come around very often. The World works in weird ways. The living moment is everything. Enjoy moments you dream about because they exceed your expectations❤️🙏”

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Excellence is an attitude @augustmcgregor 

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Weigh your options. Know your worth. Take your time.

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My god! This kid must be worth billions...

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Sending luck and support to my friend @TilmanFertitta  and his team the @houstonrockets  in their Semifinal Game 5 tomorrow night. I will be watching from Dublin! Good luck Fellas! Here’s to a Proper win! Sláinte 🥃 🏀

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Have a Proper Cinco Amigos! @properwhiskey  #OneForAll 

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Here is a little “Proper in the Jar” with @jimmyfallon  to kickstart this Bank holiday weekend! My son turns 2 this weekend so we are celebrating! I count my lucky stars everyday for this life! I am feeling that great Friday feeling today, oh yes! I hope you all have a Proper weekend with the ones you love! Shout out Phil Lynott of Leighlin Road, Crumlin Dublin 12 also. A black Irishman from Crumlin in the 60s, that grew up to be become a true rock ‘n’ roll icon! I grew up right around the corner on Clonmacnoise Road. Up the Proper 12! Happy Friday everyone! @properwhiskey 

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