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Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. I can’t explain the love I have for my mother in words... But, I can say there is no greater gift in life than a loving mother.

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My brother Bobby... let me tell you about this amazing individual. He has a way of giving everyone he comes in contact with so much inspiration. You see it in the roles he plays. Like me he has never won an Oscar, but that means zero when it comes to how he has affected the world. His very existence represents the power of resilience. The love you have for him pales in comparison to the love I have for his spirit. On the weekend of the highest grossing movie of all times he in the most humble way says, your next brother. Fast 9 is going to take the industry to new heights! His belief in me sometimes scares me. I never want to let anyone down. So I will do everything in my power to make sure FAST 9 is everything! I love you RDJ and your brotherhood is truly a gift of which I am eternally grateful for. #teamstark  #wearegroot  #disney  #marvel  #universal  #daretodream  #teamgroot  #domtoretto  #FAST9  #leadwithlove  #bloodshot  #iloveyou 

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The magic of a child’s smile is priceless. Haha. All love, Always...

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Fast fan art... AMAZING! Fast fans... THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! Meadow and the whole Walker family, will never know how much strength they have given me over the last five years. Hope to make you proud. All love, all ways.

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Justin Lin and the writing team are so committed... one can’t help but to be excited to make magic. #FAST9 

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We see you...@artist_bm  @assi_so_la  Song: Assi ft BM - Gwara Nao Para#gwaraparachallenge  #daddydaughterdance  #africandance 

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Dance... Awa!!!

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I got a great feeling about this summer... haha. Remember to set goals, and more importantly, go for it.

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Next month it all comes to life...

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I’m talking too much... haha. But whoever made this. Props. All love. #Toretto  #Fast 

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Pinewood DR... where we filmed xXx3. And where we may film reshoots for Bloodshot. Nostalgia.

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Blown away...#Bloodshot2020 

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